Be still & experience the ancient art of body adornment. Let the rich markings that linger on your skin remind you to live life with intention, MAWANA life.


MAWANA means gateway in ancient Sanskrit. Gateways are symbolic of transition; from spirit to life when we are born, from maiden to mother, from life to death. Each decision we make is in a sense a gateway – a distinct passage from present to future. With every choice we encounter we have yet another opportunity to grow, stretch and explore the world with our mind and body. These transitions are sacred. To sit still and be adorned in the ancient practice of body art we are able to pause, appreciate what is, and dream of what can be. Let your moment of adornment be one of reflection and connection, a time to receive love and positivity. Let the rich markings that linger on your skin be a reminder of the power you possess to pause, to breathe, to choose your path. Live your life with intention, MAWANA life.